Team One

Psycho Killers, qu'est-ce que c'est?


Team One died horribly, unable to withstand slashers better than they.

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Danielle Atkins was a young, pretty girl. She may have been fearsome if prepared, but she evidently did not prepare well enough. She died by Madeline’s blade, losing consciousness while being tortured.

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Doctor Edwin Marcus made even less of a showing, being brutally beaten and stabbed to death. He never had the chance to pull a weapon, and probably never really had a chance to escape.

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Largely notable for antagonizing Kelvin-61 and calling him a “faggot,” Meatlocker died when he challenged Kelvin-61. Madeline Jacks jumped into the fray. Meatlocker died while being beaten and stabbed to death, and only successfully fired one shot.

Team One

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