Daniel Schlender

He's rich. And he's beautiful. He will have your humility.


Tasteless. Tacky. Effeminate. Filthy rich.

These are words that outside observers might use to describe Daniel Schlender — and that he might even use to describe himself, though he might add adjectives such as “awesome,” “marvelous,” or “fabulous.” Daniel Schlender only seems to have one goal — the pursuit of pleasure and enjoyment. While this initially seems harmless, if selfish, his tastes are jaded, indeed.

Among other things, Schlender hosts a most dangerous game to hunt the Most Dangerous Game — things beyond human ken and human reckoning. He then ensures that the hunt devolves into a bloodbath which ensures the death of many. He records these hunts to watch at his leisure. It is exceedingly likely that his entire place is bugged, allowing him to be totally paranoid or a total voyeur. Likely a bit of both.

His secluded and expansive property features an abandoned town, vineyards, and a sprawling estate. His guests are typically treated well, and if they survive his game, are welcome back at any time. He makes sure to keep in contact with those who survive his game, though it is unknown to what end he may do this.

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Daniel Schlender

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