FiSS: One Shot Sessions

Nerves of Steel

Wednesday, February 11, 2009, at approximately 8:00 PM

Akio Kuramasa, Candy, Fred Williams, and Lola Smythwicke all awaken with the vague feeling of headache, nausea, and the pulling sensation of stitches in their abdomens. They find themselves all lying on gurneys, in a sterile white room. A heavy door separates them from the exit, and a metal cabinet sits along one wall. By the light switch on the wall, a metal box is mounted. By a wall outlet, an mp3 player sits on top of a manila folder. After determining that they know each other from the same place, the Purple Church — a local strip club where Candy dances, Fred bounces, Akio hangs out, and Lola is dating the manager — they proceed to open the door and determine that they are still in the city. They then peruse the folder, suggesting that they need to find a man named “”/campaigns/20794/characters/38887" class=“wiki-content-link”>Miloslav Hlavaček." Fred turns on the mp3 player, and a voice indicates that they have each been brought here because their talents have been deemed exceptional. Some form of device has been implanted in their chests, and it will activate and kill them if they attempt to leave the city of Las Vegas, take more than 24 hours to complete their mission, or deviate from their mission objectives. Their objective is to retrieve a copper alligator ring called the Thief in the Night, last seen in the possession of Miloslav Hlavaček. [Interested parties may download the mp3.] Armed with this information, they form a plan.

In the notes for Miloslav, it is mentioned that he knows a Guadalupe Villalobos. Candy recognizes the name, and knows that she is over at the Palomino Club, so they decide to go there first. Before going, Fred breaks open the cabinet, which only contains medical supplies — prompting Fred to get a syringe and some morphine — and Fred also breaks open the box on the wall, which yields another switch that switches the light to dark red light, like in a photographic darkroom. Then, they leave, calling two cabs to make their way to the Palomino Club. Akio and Lola enter through the main entrance; Candy and Fred try to make their way through the back, under the pretense that Candy needs to give something to Guadalupe. The bouncer lets them in, and lets Candy go into the dressing room, but stops Fred.

Inside, Candy indicates that she needs to talk to Miloslav Hlavaček. Guadalupe says that she’s not seeing him anymore, so Candy just indicates that Guadalupe should call him under the pretense of talking, and Candy will meet him out back. Guadalupe reluctantly agrees and calls Miloslav. Then, Candy leaves.

Candy and Fred meet up with Akio and Lola, telling them that Miloslav is on his way. The group decides to assemble in the alley, with Fred acting like the bouncer, and the others taking positions as if everything is normal. After a few minutes, a black sedan pulls up, and Miloslav Hlavaček and another man get out. Miloslav asks to be let in, while Candy sneaks around back of him and quickly dispatches his associate with a knife. A very angry Miloslav’s gun comes out, but Akio manages to talk him down. Lola goes over to the car to keep the driver busy. After someone inquires about the ring, Miloslav explains that he no longer has it, and that he gave it to Guadalupe some time ago. Akio manages to keep him calm, and then shoots him in the head. Akio and Fred run into the club, while Lola manages to keep the driver calm. Candy comes over to talk to him, and then cuts his throat. She gets into the car, drives it into the alley, and shoves his body out. Lola gets into the car, and the two wait for the others to return from the Palomino Club.

Meanwhile, Akio and Fred run into the back door. The bouncer is quite willing to disavow all knowledge of what transpired when Fred slams his sledgehammer into the bouncer’s chest. The two make their way to Guadalupe’s room and start questioning her. She reluctantly explains that she gave the ring to Vidal Abandonato, and where he can be found. Akio takes her cell phone, admonishing her not to call ahead and warn Vidal, and then Fred breaks her neck. The two leave the club and get into the car. Akio calls some of his associates in the Yakuza to learn a little about Vidal, and finding that he’s trying to break into the drug trade, Akio begins texting Vidal on Guadalupe’s phone, calling under the pretense of trying to score some drugs for her friends. Vidal agrees, and the two agree to meet at a local bar. Candy starts driving in that direction.

Akio and Lola decide to enter. Vidal enters shortly thereafter, and the deal is made. Akio offhandedly asks about animal jewelery for his friend’s wife, and Vidal says that he doesn’t really know anything about that, though he did sell some gaudy alligator ring to Bargain Pawn a couple of weeks ago. He then makes the transaction, and leaves.

Armed with this information, Akio and Lola return to the car. So, the group makes their way over to Bargain Pawn, and Akio inquires about the ring. The man behind the counter remembers that some pretty boy sold it, and that some guy bought it. In fact, the guy who bought it made sure to mention his name as “”/campaigns/20794/characters/38891" class=“wiki-content-link”>Pierce Stone." After giving a description of the guy as being thin with a brownish beard, Akio leaves. He calls some of his contacts and determines that the someone by that name, who has some dealings with the drug underground, is over at the Bellagio. They make their way over there.

At the Bellagio, the group splits up to find him. After some wandering, Lola finally encounters a man matching his description sitting at the bar. She sits next to him and the two begin talking; he introduces himself as Pierce Stone. After a little while, she convinces him to go over to the poker tables, by which time the others have seen her with him. While considering an opening to get him alone, Candy buys a drink, comes along, and spills it on him. When he goes to change, Lola convinces him that she should come along. She follows him up to his hotel room while he changes. The others, having seen the two of them together, have followed. She briefly glances through his things, and when he returns, she convinces him to stay. They have drinks, and she excuses herself to the bathroom to look at her phone. When she returns, they keep drinking, and Lola suddenly becomes aware that she feels weird, as if she is really drunk or has been drugged. She begins to excuse herself when Pierce asks why she is really there. She explains about the ring, and implies that she is being coerced into finding it. In return, he gives her the antidote. He then asks what she does to be so coerced into doing such a task, and she indicates that she may have had a series of boyfriends who have suffered unfortunate accidents. Pierce says that if she can help take care of somebody, he will be willing to let her have the ring; that there is somebody with an extra organ near his heart that needs to be removed. She is initially reluctant, but he says her help should be enough. If she shows an interest in him, he’s the sort to go off with her. She agrees, and the two leave the room. Akio joins them in the elevator. Everyone joins them in the vicinity of the bar.

Back at the bar, Pierce indicates that the three people he was watching — who are currently sitting at a table, talking — are his quarry. The young man wearing a Deadpool shirt and a hat that says “HAT” on it is the man with the extra organ. The man with a trenchcoat and driving cap is the man with the ring, though he doesn’t know if it is on him or in his room. Lola gets a drink and goes over to the table, complementing the man, who introduces himself as Paul St. Claire, on his cute hat and convincing him to hit the poker tables with her. He agrees, and says he will meet the others later. After a little bit, she convinces him to go to a stairwell with him, and he agrees.

Meanwhile, Pierce approaches Akio and Fred, indicating that the man is Tommy O’Hanlon, and he either has the ring on his person or in his room. He gives a room number and walks away. Candy has taken to following Lola.

Lola and Paul start moving to the stairwell and making out. She sees Pierce come up behind them, knife out and moves away. Pierce misses, but asks Paul if he’s missed him. A scuffle ensues, and Candy joins the fray, knife out. Lola hits Paul with her shoe.

Meanwhile, Fred goes up to Tommy’s room and begins looking for the ring. After trashing the room, the finds it and notifies Akio. Akio sends messages to the rest of the group, and then goes to the car to wait for the others. Fred joins him shortly thereafter.

Upon receiving the message, Candy and Lola leave, leaving the screaming Paul and the knife-wielding Pierce to an uncertain fate. They make their way back to the car and enter.

The group drives back to the room where they awoke. After getting inside, they wait around until the door latches and gas begins filling the room. They get on their gurneys and wait.

They awaken to find that the ring is missing, and that their earlier surgery scars are beginning to scab over, as if they are healing rapidly. They also find a pile of money in the floor, which they divide among themselves and go their separate ways.

Lola, for her part, goes to the Purple Church to talk to her boyfriend. She then stages an argument and storms out, going home to pack. However, she opens her door to find the three people from the Bellagio — Paul, Tommy, and the girl accompanying them, who introduces herself as Lilith — waiting for her. They ask where the ring is, and she says she doesn’t know. Paul then asks if she actually meant all that stuff about him being cute, and leaves his number with her. Lilith asks why she kills people, and she indicates that some people deserve it, and sometimes you just feel the need. Lilith tells her to get better soon, gives her a hug, and the group leaves.


I love the opening, great way to introduce a mission

Nerves of Steel

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