FiSS: One Shot Sessions

Wave of Mutilation

Monday, April 13, 2009, around 6:00 AM

The Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit — better known as VASCU — is typically critically understaffed, particularly in a city with a crime rate like Chicago. As such, VASCU agent Thea Matman is notified that she will be assigned with a non-VASCU FBI agent named Karen Murphy, along with two unaffiliated hunters whose options are to go to prison or work for VASCU. They are Preston Billingsly — better known by his stage name as a magician, “Preston Digitation” — and his young daughter Abby — better known by her stage name, “Abby Cadabby.”

Once formalities are out of the way, Agents Matman and Murphy are given the information regarding the case: over the past month and half, five dead bodies have turned up across South Side. This morning’s victim is number five. Each has been found in the early morning, having been savagely attacked, vivisected, and having had several organs removed. In all cases, the heart and liver are missing, though some others are also missing kidneys, gallbladder, and spleen. Once all details are given, they go to Marquette Park to investigate. Before leaving, Agents Matman and Murphy give the appropriate details to Preston and Abby.

They arrive at the scene to find a tent erected and police already at work. The body of victim Ricky Samwell is seen, his body marred by claw marks and having been cut open. The right arm has been removed. The trail of blood leads a little deeper into the park. After looking around, it is determined that he has been moved, but only slightly, as the rest of the blood is visible nearby. His heart, liver, spleen, and gallbladder have all been removed. Agent Matman is able to determine that this was done by hand, rather than with a rib-spreader. Agent Murphy and Preston begin looking for clues; Agent Murphy is able to track the killer’s bare feet to the street before losing the trail. In asking around, they determine that nobody saw anything last evening. However, as Preston asks around, he learns that some of the street folk have seen a girl wandering about around the time of the murders. Though she seems nice, she gives the homeless folks the creeps. She may be found in Calumet Park when she’s not wandering. The people on the street also indicate that local vagrant “Lonesome Teddy” has been seen around, and is known to have killed in the past. Additionally, the mutilations of stray animals have increased since the murders began.

Returning to Agent Matman, she decides to look around with her more focused vision. She manages to determine that the killer — dressed in ragged clothing, and appearing wan and jaundiced — stealthily approached behind Ricky, ripping into his chest and throat with clawed hands. Then, producing a scalpel, he cut into his chest, ripped open the ribcage with his bare hands, and cut out the organs he needed. He quickly ate them, and bit the right arm off, wrapping it in the man’s shirt and taking it with him.

Having broken from her reverie, albeit with a fresh nosebleed, Agent Matman explains her conclusions to the others and has a police sketch artist perform a rendering of the killer she saw. She then instructs Preston and Agent Murphy to ask around. Since they know that the killer is not a woman, they ask around for “Lonesome Teddy,” but learn that he tends to change location a fair amount. When asked, the police explain that they do not have any records regarding him; if he’s killed anyone, they haven’t connected him to it. Finding him difficult to find, they look for the girl.

Once they spot her in the park, sitting under the Chicago Skyway, Agent Murphy and Abby decide to hang back while Preston talks to her. When asked, she introduces herself as Lily, and answers his questions, although he determines that she is lying when she says that she does not know anything about the murders. After a little more digging, and once Agent Murphy steps in, she explains that this thing is bad, and dangerous. Once Agent Murphy assures her that they deal with strange things, she explains that she doesn’t know who the man is; she merely knows that he escaped from a lab out in the middle of nowhere — she apparently witnessed this, and the men who tried to catch him — and that upon coming to Chicago, she caught sight of him again. She explains that she was trying to follow him in the hopes that she could determine something to do about him. When Agent Murphy indicates that this is a dangerous murderer, Lily assures her that she can take care of herself.

After they exchange contact information, with Lily saying that she will contact them if she learns anything about the killer or the whereabouts of “Lonesome Teddy,” they return to Agent Matman. After explaining everything to her, they deliberate about what to do next.

The Hunt; Chapter 2

Saturday, February 21, 2009, at various points throughout the day and following weeks

After being allowed to relax at the mansion as they see fit, Kelvin-61, Madeline Jacks, and Lola Smythwicke go their separate ways. Lola finds Daniel Schlender to talk to him, asking if he was the one who left the mp3 player in her room and asked her to acquire samples from the creature. He says he was not, and after a bit of discussion, he says that he will keep watch over her room to determine the culprit. She thanks him, returns to her room, and places the samples she gathered under the bed.

Over the next couple of days, everybody takes the opportunity to rest and enjoy themselves. Madeline makes use of the pool, and is generically very thrilled to be in such a luxurious environment. Kelvin-61 snoops around a bit, trying to find what happened to the town at the base of the hill and where the bodies are buried. Lola tries to relax, and manages to do so until she finds another mp3 player in her room, holding another message. This time, her mysterious patron informs her that Daniel Schlender is a twisted, hedonistic psychopath who brings serial killers to hunt some monstrous beast. Then, he pits the serial killers against each other. After they have successfully completed that objective, they are removed from the property by sending his security forces to hunt them. If they manage to escape, they have won Schlender’s game and will not be hunted further. However, Schlender has prepared for emergencies by placing a secret passage in his wine cellar; it can be activated by turning the spigot on the barrel marked “Scuppernong.” [Interested parties may download the mp3.]

Over the next few days, Lola prepares by watching the guards around the wine cellar, noting their shifts and eavesdropping to learn that one of them is named “Joel.”

The time arrives around Wednesday, February 25, when Madeline spends the day in the meeting hall, having asked for a karaoke machine. She tries to involve as much of the help staff and security personnel as she can — being very insistent that they participate.

Around this time, Daniel Schlender finds Lola and tells her that he has taken care of the little matter with the mp3 player — one of the servants was apparently taking and leaving the items involved.

Meanwhile, Kelvin-61 is investigating the grounds of the town, and surmises that the town probably just went bankrupt and the citizens moved away, rather than any disaster befalling them. While looking for likely sites for a graveyard or something similar, he determines that the vineyards have several bodies buried there. He begins to dig when a guard asks him to stop. When he refuses and the guard gets insistent, Kelvin-61 attacks with his shovel. The guard manages to get off a barrage of gunfire, injuring Kelvin, before Kelvin decapitates him. When more guards arrive, Kelvin badly injures them but they manage to subdue him.

When the guards look for a medic, Madeline offers to check everyone. Members of the help staff shove a first aid kit in her hands and lead her to the vineyards, where she manages to keep Kelvin from bleeding to death on the ground. She recruits a few more guards for the karaoke cause, and then returns to the main room. Kelvin’s unconscious body is returned to his room.

That evening, after dinner, Lola grabs a glass of wine and acts like she is tipsy. When she makes her way to the entrance of the wine cellar, she finds the other guard patrolling the area while Joel is at his post. She starts to flirt with him, and begs him to show her around in the wine cellar. He finally agrees, lets his partner know where he is headed, and the two go downstairs. In the wine cellar, she looks around for a bit before suggesting that she’s been interested in Joel since coming to Schlender’s mansion. The two talk briefly before Joel starts to take off his gear and they start making out. When the moment is right, Lola quietly slips his combat knife out of his things and slits his throat with it. She keeps the knife, taking a moment to arrange herself before looking for the barrel marked “Scuppernong.” She turns the spigot, and a false wall opens. She goes through it, closes it, and starts the several mile walk beyond the property.

When she reaches the end, she opens the door to find that one of the servants is there with her car. He informs her that she has won, and is free to leave, though she may return without fearing attack from the guards. Thinking it might be fun, she decides to return.

After retiring to bed, everyone is awakened that night by banging on their doors, with one of the servants indicating that they need to arrange themselves very quickly because an intruder is in the mansion. Lola and Madeline get dressed and ready within a couple of minutes, and follow the servant to another room where he claims a secret passage is waiting — but where they only find Kelvin’s body and a muscular, African-American man holding a gun. He tells them to enter. Lola keeps saying that she is done with the game, but both the butler and the other man do not seem to know to what game she is referring. Finally, a thin, athletic man with a pock-marked face enters, and he tells everybody to start moving. The more muscular man hefts Kelvin’s body, and they start to move. In the front yard, they are joined by a chitinous creature with scythes for arms — almost like a praying mantis — and the group starts moving. The creature and the athletic man run off to take care of some of the guards, while the rest of the group goes to the van. They wait for a little bit before the athletic man and the creature return; the man appears to be injured by bullet wounds and falls asleep in the back of the van, while the creature’s exoskeleton retracts into itself revealing a small girl, now nude, who wraps herself in a blanket in the back.

The ride is fairly quiet and awkward, with the group finally revealing that contamination on the property prompted them to abduct Kelvin, Lola, and Madeline. After driving a couple of hours in silence, the van makes its way into San Francisco, finally pulling up in front of a warehouse with a chain-link fence topped with razor wire. After the van is admitted into the compound, the armed inhabitants of the van let everyone out and take them into the warehouse, where they find a few guards and several scientists standing around examining tables and medical equipment. The team indicates that Kelvin, Lola, and Madeline are the scientist’s problem now, and they leave.

Lola and Madeline manage to catch the gist of the scientists’ conversation, indicating that they are to be given a drug to knock them out. When one of the doctors come over to administer this to Lola, she begins to struggle. A guard holds her down, and as everyone is preoccupied, Madeline takes out one of her knives and stabs the doctor in the back of the neck. She then grabs the syringe and shoves it into the guard’s neck, causing his threats against her to become increasingly incoherent until he passed out. The other guards tell them to get on the ground, which they do, and when Madeline finally asks why they’ve been brought there, one of the scientists indicates that they will be dissected and studied. Madeline takes that moment to jump up and start attacking the guards with knives. Lola grabs a scalpel that was knocked down in the fray and starts trying to attack the guards. Though they manage a couple of bursts from their machine guns, Madeline manages to cut them down. She then demands that the scientists let her take Kelvin on a gurney. They let her go, having no real recourse against a girl who just defeated three of their security personnel, and she and Lola break into a car in the parking lot and make their way back to Schlender’s mansion.

Once there, Daniel Schlender lets everyone rest and recuperate. He speaks to Lola, and indicates that he does not know the people who kidnapped them. When she asks, he explains that he does this game and goes to all this trouble simply in the pursuit of pleasure — he has nothing but time, so can easily research serial killers to bring into his hunting game. He says that she is welcome to stay as long as she likes, and she asks him a favor — if he can find the person who keeps sending her the threatening mp3 player messages. He agrees and says he will see what he can do.

The next day, when she awakens, Schlender informs Madeline that the game usually ends with the guards hunting down the killers, but given the circumstances, that part of the game will be waived. She is allowed to stay as long as she needs to heal and rest. She calls work, takes several days to recuperate, and makes arrangements to return to Wisconsin. Before she returns, however, she goes back to San Francisco to investigate the warehouse. As she somewhat expected, she finds it abandoned.

When Kelvin awakens, he is greeted by guards who promptly drive him back to the train station and leave him there to whatever fate awaits him while he is still heavily injured.

The Hunt; Chapter 1

Saturday, February 21, 2009, at various points throughout the day

Over the course of the preceding week, everyone received some form of correspondence inviting them to the estate of one Daniel Schlender, located in northern California, for a week of relaxation.

The subtext of the pamphlet suggests that hunting is allowed on the property, though what precisely is being hunted is open for debate.

As such, various people make their way to the property. Lola Smythwicke, already on her way to California, starts driving to the vineyards after she receives the email. With all expenses paid, Madeline Jacks gets on an airplane and makes her way to Schlender’s property after receiving an invitation in the mail. Kelvin-61, the engineered assistant, rides the rails to California after a butler approaches him with his invitation.

They find that the ride takes them through an abandoned town, past lush vineyards, and across a lawn to an expansive, and somewhat tacky, mansion.

When all have arrived at the destination early Saturday, they are greeted by Daniel Schlender, who directs them to make themselves comfortable and retire to sleep after the long journey. He indicates that he will explain everything the next day.

Everybody goes to their rooms to unpack and get situated. Lola, however, finds a small mp3 player and speakers sitting atop a small box. She listens to the mp3 player, which reveals the same distorted voice she heard in Las Vegas. This time, it asks her to retrieve samples from the creature she and her associates will be asked to hunt; the equipment necessary to do so is located in the box under the mp3 player. If she does so, she will be sent another message giving her vital information. [Interested parties may download the mp3.]

Everyone awakens the next morning to make their way to breakfast. Once everyone is settled and eating, Daniel Schlender addresses them, indicating that they have been invited here to enjoy themselves at his resort. Additionally, there is a hunt taking place on the property. Some of his associates managed to capture a beast from Yemen, a shapeshifting creature similar to what folklore might call a “ghul,” and he invites them to hunt it. He organizes the groups into two teams — Team One consisting of Danielle Atkins, Dr. Edwin Marcus, and Meatlocker, and Team Two consisting of Madeline Jacks, Kelvin-61, and Lola Smithwycke. He then invites them to plan their expedition as servants provide them with weapons.

The two groups begin planning. As servants pass, Lola and Madeline each take knives. When Kelvin-61 suggests murdering the other group, Doctor Marcus turns around and smiles, prompting Kelvin to throw his shovel at him. Meatlocker takes it and tells Kelvin that if he wants it, he should come over and take it. Kelvin then does so, swiftly enough that Meatlocker does not manage to menace him as he might have liked. Meatlocker mutters and sits back down.

Lola and Madeline decide to attempt to track the thing, keeping in mind that it can change shape. Deciding that it sounds like it is similar to a wild animal, they decide to check the garbage first. Finding nothing there, they decide to investigate any nearby wooded areas. They see some woods on the far side of the property and start to move in that direction. Just inside the woods, Kelvin hears some rustling in the bushes and smacks it several times with his shovel. They find the badly battered remains of two men, evidently locked in an embrace, there. Kelvin then decides to take the bodies, one at a time, back to the mansion for Daniel Schlender. The other two leave him to this activity, instead trying to see if they can find tracks. They do, which leads them to the badly mauled corpse of a security guard. The tracks then double back and leave the woods, which is around the time they are lost.

With Kelvin’s labors complete, the group reassembles. Once he finds the corpse, he begins carrying it with him. Since Madeline’s best bet is that the tracks are headed in the direction of the vineyards, she decides to go that direction. Along the way, Lola asks the guard if he has seen anything unusual, and he replies that he has not. The group continues further into the vineyards until they once again come across the large hoofprints of their quarry. They track it to another badly mauled guard who has lost his clothes and equipment. Examination reveals that the corpse bears the face of the man they just passed. As such, they turn around, hoping to find the guard again. As they do, they see a large, mangy, doglike thing dart into the underbrush. After a bit of discussion, they hear a gunshot, coming from deeper in the vineyards, roughly in the direction of wherever the dog went. They turn that way to find Team One, with Meatlocker having equipped himself with several guns and a knife, and learn that they saw a dog thing running around. Doctor Marcus asks Kelvin if he can have the body, and Kelvin refuses. The groups then part ways.

Team Two heads back toward where they met the guard, only to find his clothes tattered and his equipment dropped. They see tracks appearing like hoofprints followed by a set of tracks that appear to be doglike and heading into the vineyards. Once again, they turn around to attempt to track the creature.

After searching through the vineyards for a while, they hear the brief sounds of a struggle, and sneak toward the sound to find a hairy, humanoid creature crouching over another vanquished guard. It seems surprised to see the group, but stands its ground when Kelvin charges at it. In the fight that follows, he manages to graze Kelvin, but is severely injured and rendered unconscious by the combined assault of Kelvin, Lola, and Madeline — particularly with Madeline’s skilled use of her blade. Lola uses a vial to gather a little of the blood from her own knife, while Kelvin hefts the body and the group begins to make its way back to the mansion.

As they make their way back, they encounter Group One, carrying the body of one of the help staff. Meatlocker asks Kelvin if he wants to finish what they started earlier, and Kelvin jumps into the fray with his shovel. Though Meatlocker manages to discharge a shot into Kelvin, he is quickly dispatched by Kelvin and Madeline. Lola, meanwhile, scrambles to take samples of the ghul-thing’s skin, hair, and so forth. Danielle Atkins and Doctor Marcus quietly slink inside.

Once inside, Daniel Schlender congratulates them on a job well done, and gives them their next task — Team One and Team Two are to fight to the death. Danielle Atkins tries to fight off Kelvin and Madeline with her knife while Doctor Marcus attempts to flee from Lola. Once he starts running, Kelvin runs after the Doctor, leaving Madeline to deal with Danielle. Madeline quickly cuts Danielle down, and starts aggravating her injuries as she loses consciousness. Kelvin and Lola, meanwhile, manage to stab and strike Doctor Marcus until he loses consciousness.

Daniel Schlender congratulates them again, and invites them to make themselves comfortable, as the game is complete for the time being.

Nerves of Steel

Wednesday, February 11, 2009, at approximately 8:00 PM

Akio Kuramasa, Candy, Fred Williams, and Lola Smythwicke all awaken with the vague feeling of headache, nausea, and the pulling sensation of stitches in their abdomens. They find themselves all lying on gurneys, in a sterile white room. A heavy door separates them from the exit, and a metal cabinet sits along one wall. By the light switch on the wall, a metal box is mounted. By a wall outlet, an mp3 player sits on top of a manila folder. After determining that they know each other from the same place, the Purple Church — a local strip club where Candy dances, Fred bounces, Akio hangs out, and Lola is dating the manager — they proceed to open the door and determine that they are still in the city. They then peruse the folder, suggesting that they need to find a man named “”/campaigns/20794/characters/38887" class=“wiki-content-link”>Miloslav Hlavaček." Fred turns on the mp3 player, and a voice indicates that they have each been brought here because their talents have been deemed exceptional. Some form of device has been implanted in their chests, and it will activate and kill them if they attempt to leave the city of Las Vegas, take more than 24 hours to complete their mission, or deviate from their mission objectives. Their objective is to retrieve a copper alligator ring called the Thief in the Night, last seen in the possession of Miloslav Hlavaček. [Interested parties may download the mp3.] Armed with this information, they form a plan.

In the notes for Miloslav, it is mentioned that he knows a Guadalupe Villalobos. Candy recognizes the name, and knows that she is over at the Palomino Club, so they decide to go there first. Before going, Fred breaks open the cabinet, which only contains medical supplies — prompting Fred to get a syringe and some morphine — and Fred also breaks open the box on the wall, which yields another switch that switches the light to dark red light, like in a photographic darkroom. Then, they leave, calling two cabs to make their way to the Palomino Club. Akio and Lola enter through the main entrance; Candy and Fred try to make their way through the back, under the pretense that Candy needs to give something to Guadalupe. The bouncer lets them in, and lets Candy go into the dressing room, but stops Fred.

Inside, Candy indicates that she needs to talk to Miloslav Hlavaček. Guadalupe says that she’s not seeing him anymore, so Candy just indicates that Guadalupe should call him under the pretense of talking, and Candy will meet him out back. Guadalupe reluctantly agrees and calls Miloslav. Then, Candy leaves.

Candy and Fred meet up with Akio and Lola, telling them that Miloslav is on his way. The group decides to assemble in the alley, with Fred acting like the bouncer, and the others taking positions as if everything is normal. After a few minutes, a black sedan pulls up, and Miloslav Hlavaček and another man get out. Miloslav asks to be let in, while Candy sneaks around back of him and quickly dispatches his associate with a knife. A very angry Miloslav’s gun comes out, but Akio manages to talk him down. Lola goes over to the car to keep the driver busy. After someone inquires about the ring, Miloslav explains that he no longer has it, and that he gave it to Guadalupe some time ago. Akio manages to keep him calm, and then shoots him in the head. Akio and Fred run into the club, while Lola manages to keep the driver calm. Candy comes over to talk to him, and then cuts his throat. She gets into the car, drives it into the alley, and shoves his body out. Lola gets into the car, and the two wait for the others to return from the Palomino Club.

Meanwhile, Akio and Fred run into the back door. The bouncer is quite willing to disavow all knowledge of what transpired when Fred slams his sledgehammer into the bouncer’s chest. The two make their way to Guadalupe’s room and start questioning her. She reluctantly explains that she gave the ring to Vidal Abandonato, and where he can be found. Akio takes her cell phone, admonishing her not to call ahead and warn Vidal, and then Fred breaks her neck. The two leave the club and get into the car. Akio calls some of his associates in the Yakuza to learn a little about Vidal, and finding that he’s trying to break into the drug trade, Akio begins texting Vidal on Guadalupe’s phone, calling under the pretense of trying to score some drugs for her friends. Vidal agrees, and the two agree to meet at a local bar. Candy starts driving in that direction.

Akio and Lola decide to enter. Vidal enters shortly thereafter, and the deal is made. Akio offhandedly asks about animal jewelery for his friend’s wife, and Vidal says that he doesn’t really know anything about that, though he did sell some gaudy alligator ring to Bargain Pawn a couple of weeks ago. He then makes the transaction, and leaves.

Armed with this information, Akio and Lola return to the car. So, the group makes their way over to Bargain Pawn, and Akio inquires about the ring. The man behind the counter remembers that some pretty boy sold it, and that some guy bought it. In fact, the guy who bought it made sure to mention his name as “”/campaigns/20794/characters/38891" class=“wiki-content-link”>Pierce Stone." After giving a description of the guy as being thin with a brownish beard, Akio leaves. He calls some of his contacts and determines that the someone by that name, who has some dealings with the drug underground, is over at the Bellagio. They make their way over there.

At the Bellagio, the group splits up to find him. After some wandering, Lola finally encounters a man matching his description sitting at the bar. She sits next to him and the two begin talking; he introduces himself as Pierce Stone. After a little while, she convinces him to go over to the poker tables, by which time the others have seen her with him. While considering an opening to get him alone, Candy buys a drink, comes along, and spills it on him. When he goes to change, Lola convinces him that she should come along. She follows him up to his hotel room while he changes. The others, having seen the two of them together, have followed. She briefly glances through his things, and when he returns, she convinces him to stay. They have drinks, and she excuses herself to the bathroom to look at her phone. When she returns, they keep drinking, and Lola suddenly becomes aware that she feels weird, as if she is really drunk or has been drugged. She begins to excuse herself when Pierce asks why she is really there. She explains about the ring, and implies that she is being coerced into finding it. In return, he gives her the antidote. He then asks what she does to be so coerced into doing such a task, and she indicates that she may have had a series of boyfriends who have suffered unfortunate accidents. Pierce says that if she can help take care of somebody, he will be willing to let her have the ring; that there is somebody with an extra organ near his heart that needs to be removed. She is initially reluctant, but he says her help should be enough. If she shows an interest in him, he’s the sort to go off with her. She agrees, and the two leave the room. Akio joins them in the elevator. Everyone joins them in the vicinity of the bar.

Back at the bar, Pierce indicates that the three people he was watching — who are currently sitting at a table, talking — are his quarry. The young man wearing a Deadpool shirt and a hat that says “HAT” on it is the man with the extra organ. The man with a trenchcoat and driving cap is the man with the ring, though he doesn’t know if it is on him or in his room. Lola gets a drink and goes over to the table, complementing the man, who introduces himself as Paul St. Claire, on his cute hat and convincing him to hit the poker tables with her. He agrees, and says he will meet the others later. After a little bit, she convinces him to go to a stairwell with him, and he agrees.

Meanwhile, Pierce approaches Akio and Fred, indicating that the man is Tommy O’Hanlon, and he either has the ring on his person or in his room. He gives a room number and walks away. Candy has taken to following Lola.

Lola and Paul start moving to the stairwell and making out. She sees Pierce come up behind them, knife out and moves away. Pierce misses, but asks Paul if he’s missed him. A scuffle ensues, and Candy joins the fray, knife out. Lola hits Paul with her shoe.

Meanwhile, Fred goes up to Tommy’s room and begins looking for the ring. After trashing the room, the finds it and notifies Akio. Akio sends messages to the rest of the group, and then goes to the car to wait for the others. Fred joins him shortly thereafter.

Upon receiving the message, Candy and Lola leave, leaving the screaming Paul and the knife-wielding Pierce to an uncertain fate. They make their way back to the car and enter.

The group drives back to the room where they awoke. After getting inside, they wait around until the door latches and gas begins filling the room. They get on their gurneys and wait.

They awaken to find that the ring is missing, and that their earlier surgery scars are beginning to scab over, as if they are healing rapidly. They also find a pile of money in the floor, which they divide among themselves and go their separate ways.

Lola, for her part, goes to the Purple Church to talk to her boyfriend. She then stages an argument and storms out, going home to pack. However, she opens her door to find the three people from the Bellagio — Paul, Tommy, and the girl accompanying them, who introduces herself as Lilith — waiting for her. They ask where the ring is, and she says she doesn’t know. Paul then asks if she actually meant all that stuff about him being cute, and leaves his number with her. Lilith asks why she kills people, and she indicates that some people deserve it, and sometimes you just feel the need. Lilith tells her to get better soon, gives her a hug, and the group leaves.


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