Session One: Permitted

Serial killers. A grim fascination has America by the balls, and it all rests on the slasher hero. From the real deal like Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy to fictional variants like Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees, we are obsessed with serial killers (and watching them fight, apparently).

In a strange world filled with folktales and legends, however, is it any wonder that slashers exist? Carefully stalking their victims, or relentlessly ravaging until the police or a group of teenagers end the blood-soaked rampage, some few madmen have been empowered. They are driven on their own grim Vigil for purposes that make sense only to them.

Adventure Log:

Nerves of Steel

The Hunt, Chapter 1

The Hunt, Chapter 2

Session Two: Wave of Mutilation

Since Wednesday, March 4, a rash of serial killings have hit Chicago. All street people, all mutilated and vivisected. Vital organs having been removed for some unknowable purpose.

Will the FBI’s Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit be able to crack the case? Or will the inexperienced agents of VASCU merely become the next victims?

Adventure Log:

Chapter 1

FiSS: One Shot Sessions

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