Team Weird

The strangest heroes of all!


This team — whose agenda, employment, and suchlike is unknown — captured Kelvin-61, Lola Smythwicke, and Madeline Jacks at Daniel Schlender’s mansion. It is surmised that they work for a group that was going to vivisect the serial killers, though the ultimate reasons for this are unknown.

In order of appearance, they are:

Unknown. (2009, January 21). ModelMayhem. Retrieved May 26, 2009, from

He initially appeared one of the regular servants at Sclender’s mansion, though he wore a different face (as in literally appearing differently) in the van. Nobody saw him wipe off the makeup or remove the mask, but who knows?

Dhanda, Suki. Appears in “Once were warriors.” (2009, February 1). The Observer. Retrieved June 26, 2009, from

Armed with guns, this fellow kept everybody moving. He displayed no particularly uncanny talents.

A Tale of Two Faces. (December 2005). Positive Nation. Retrieved June 17, 2009, from

Other than being a fairly fast runner and wielding a firearm, this fellow also did not display any particularly uncanny talent. He largely slept in the van on the ride home.

Services for Homeless Youth. rtc portland. Retrieved June 26, 2009, from

First seen as a chitinous, muscular monstrosity with scythes for arms, it was revealed that she could also turn back into the form of a slight, waifish girl. Highly unexpected. The only one remotely addressed by name, somebody called her (it?) “Wesker.”

Team Weird

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